NitroType Cheat v2

The Premier NitroType Cheat

700+ Daily Users

70,000+ Launches

~3,000,000+ Races

Enough flexing. What can it do?

Captcha Evasion

Auto New Game

Auto Start Race


Good enough for you?

Download for Windows Access Source Code
*The tool itself is undetectable, however, failure to use it in moderation/within a safe limit can cause detection and lead to account ban.

We do not take responsibility for your actions, this includes activity that can lead to a NitroType account ban. Do not use the bug report feature to share that your account was banned. Additionally, do not abuse the bug report feature. IP addresses are logged with each bug report for security, excessive abuse of features provided will render you banned from filing bugs and using the tool. Failure to comply with guidelines, both here, in the tool, and in the support discord server will result in tool termination. This tool is provided for educational purposes only and any intent to cause damage of any kind, with this tool, is not condoned and the acting user will take all responsibility. Copyright © 2024. All rights reserved.